Are You Really Ready To Be A Wife?

Do you think being married is gonna solve some of your issues? Financial issues, loneliness issues, insecurities and the list goes on. Ignorance is truly the #1 reason for failed marriages. The bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge……‭‭Hosea‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭KJV‬‬  What biblical knowledge have you gained for becoming a wife? Are you reading books on marriage? Are you reading books on becoming more of a godly women and or mother etc? Are you meditating on scriptures? Or do you have a perception of, “I’m just gonna wait till the time comes.” That could be the very reason why it hasn’t come yet. Do you even desire for your marriage to be successful or your just waiting to try on a wedding dress?

 Are you mentally and physically preparing yourself to come to the realization that your life we no longer be about you? The bible says you are your husbands help meet. One thing that is hard for a women is to keep her mouth close. You have to develop a taimed tongue, I know this because it’s STILL a struggle of mine. I have gotten wayyyyyyyyyyyy better since I’ve been rededicated to the Lord. But God is continuously showing me things. Also he is still teaching me how to use my words. This is why it is imperative for you to wait on God and know that you know this is the man he has for you. There is a great humbling that will have to take place inside of you so that you are able to let him lead. EVEN if you do not agree with where he is taking you, and you might be sacred out your mind. The thing about a man of God that has a relationship with Jesus with your prayers God will correct him not you but the Holy Spirit. That just knocked off 89% of arguments the entire life spand of your marriage. lol Maybe. 

I challenge you to ask yourself why do I want to be married? If you believe, that if you have one man to love you, you won’t be so insecure about your body, think again. If you think you will have a less financial strains, think again. If you think you will finally have a warm body next to you every night, then you won’t feel lonely, THINK……again! No man on this earth can fill those voids. You must be confident in who you are as a woman and who you are in God. Your husband may not even compliment your beauty or that outfit as often as you may like him too. Is that going to send you in a deep depression? Or would it be something you can bring to his attention. This may even  take him 3yrs to finally grasp. If you understand who you are that won’t break you. It will actually give you compassion and grace towards your husband to help him get to that point. Especially when he’s a man of God, he will seek God on counsel in this area and God will teach him how to care for the women he has designed. Are you hoping having another income will benefit your life? What if God takes your job take his job and say ok now trust me. So I’m gonna ask again…
Why do you want to be married?  The purpose of marriage is to ut